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  1. I tried with basketball and football stats but it went disasterous haha…so now i dont have an idea what to do exactly..should i stick to it and keep grinding or …i dunno 🤔

  2. This is an amazing informational video…..Matt, I have seen almost all your videos, but you never revealed your faceless channels specifically…Would like to know what are those faceless channels so that we can also learn and subscribe them too

  3. Hey Matt. I think having fun/enjoying the chosen niche is important if not outsourcing it all. With that in mind I'd love to do funny animated original songs but could only manage/afford maybe 1 or 2 videos a month. Would this still be worth it? Thanks! Nate

  4. Thank you Matt, fabulous video and information. I have a question: Is it mainly video makers from the USA who YouTube favors in terms of high-volume views? I am from South Africa. How can I make sure YouTube doesn't 'punish' me because I am not based in the USA with a USA ISP address? How can I make sure my videos get the same exposure as US made videos – that I get treated equally fairly because I am not in the US? What is it I don’t understand?  How does it work? Thank you!

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