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  1. 😾The Democrats Joe Biden TEN STEPS ECONOMIC PLAN. 1) Blame rising gasoline prices on Putin. Even that Gas prices had already been rising for over a year before Putin invaded Ukraine. 2) Send the National Guard to take over and attack Exxon and Chevron, after he sent a letter with the official declaration of war against American fuel companies. 3) Go after parents” with the FBI, treat concerned parents as “domestic terrorists” using the Patriot Act. To persecute them 4) Ignored Tesla at every turn and falsely state to the public that GM leads the electric car industry, 5) Order Biden to travel to Saudi Arabia in July to sell more heavy weapons to kill people in YEMEN 6) Blame China lock down COVID-19 prevention, 7) Using 99% of the MEDIA to do the propaganda. Go after every member of the Trump administration and supporters with the FBI after the January 6 Democrats political persecution preview. 8) Keep alive the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine to keep selling weapons to kill people 9) Start another proxy war against China in Taiwan to sell more weapons to kill more people 10) Keep putting together a voter fraud organization greater than the one Joe Biden associates put together in 2020.✍

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  4. My wife and I did very well in the amount of money that we amassed for retirement. Well over 80% of that money was made because of taking advantage of buying high-end stocks at a deep discount during the Great Recession. 2009 We got an investment manager in our corner and didn’t look at our portfolio for nearly a year. got rid of all mutual funds and bought individual dividend stocks. Be patient don't get scared and do your homework and you can make a killing

  5. Regarding #8 I knew a guy whose dad the mechanic, showed him where to buy cars for $50. To buy, fix, and sell for profit. He never bother! Nor tell me where this place was.🙄

  6. Hey everyone ! I've got a question. recently,I was reading about. Zero sum thinking and am a bit of confused. If I got something for a lower price and I sell it at a higher price , isn't that cheating ? Would love to know your opinion bout it .

  7. Dear alux, I highly respect you but how can write "poor economy & keep Indian Guy's picture in thumbnail?" Whatever you are trying to say but definitely you can't point any nation as poor, pls remember. This doesn't suit alux. You can refrain it as 'developing economy' but definitely not as poor economy.

  8. I'm not rationalizing when I say that the economy's decline and high inflation have made me frightened about retiring. I've been in the red for a long time, and while some say that periodic crises are beneficial, I'm losing my mind. Investing is a long-term game, but short-term gains aren't all that awful either.

  9. Don't sleep on it…this is a time to invest I recently just bought another property valued at over $10m. I wish I knew the right investment firm to invest with earlier, better late than never thought.

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