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  1. Watching my annoying brother is truly a roller coaster ride. The characters' emotional and personality development and the end is just a true ✨masterpiece ✨

  2. Yeah any korean Family sitcom comedies around????? I mean NO FALLING IN LOVE TYPE OF STUFF, i just want one where its family who go through stuff, and if its love they should be a couple, living together already married with children and maybe living with grandparents too. Or, one of just a family comedy. Please, i don't like romance At All. So please understand. I dont want where one of them falls in love with some stranger or someone… I want it only to be about Family. Honestly i don't think there is one but it wont hurt to try and ask. Korean dramas give the best comedy but romance is in them and so i LITERALLY CAN'T watch them. There are some kdramas with barely any romance its true, i wish i could skip but im a afraid ill miss an important piece since im invested, and then i just loose interest but i force myself just to get to the comedy. There are some with no romance RARE. Im not saying that romance is bad or anything, its an amazing thing but certainly not for me. So if anyone could,by any chance, recommend me a good family,siblings, big families comedy sitcoms, it doesn't matter if its from a long time ago. Thats fine. Just no falling inlove type of stuff. If its an already married couple just goofing about the past thats acceptable. I guess i dont like things that are romance based. Only family,friendship accept romance. And only comedy, i just like stuff that make me laugh. Thanks Alot, Literally.????????

  3. Secretly, Greatly on a COMEDY list!?!?!? DON'T BE FOOLED!!! Unless you want to ball your eyes out, the only comedy is in the first few minutes of the film!! So glad I went into this knowing that it would rip my heart out!????????????

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