1. the director and screen writer(who I met when I was in high school) both supposedly regret how American Psycho made the audience question if Patrick's actions were real, that was not their intention

  2. Ok, what! I love Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams on all the evil dead movies and the series. But, just because Bruce Campbell isn't reviving the role himself doesn't mean the we will never see Ash Williams on screen again! Ever heard of recasting? He is a character and not a real person. Unless someone was named after him I believe we will see Ash in some way shape or form in the future.

  3. In Krampus, Max doesn't hate Christmas, rather he loses his spirit after fighting with his family and exclaiming that he hates them all and later shredding his letter to Santa, thus cementing his loss of Christmas spirit and the "true meaning"

  4. My interpretation of the ending of Krampus, is that Krampus reversed what he did and the family is not in fact trapped in a snow globe, but he's watching over from now on to make sure they don't under-appreciate the Christmas season again. And I'm not the only one who thinks so, I'm not kidding, there are fans who think the same thing, there are even comic books of Krampus released with the movie that end similarly where everything reverts back to normal and people learning their lesson. Another support to this theory is that when the boy wakes up, he looks out his window where he sees his neighborhood, if he and his family were in fact inside the snow globe, he would've seen the glass dome and Krampus' lair on the other side.

  5. Honorable Mention: Pieces. It made no sense but it's the perfect ending! Plus, one could argue it's kind of deep (depending on if you think it counts if it was intentionally done).
    Also, the original One Missed Call… but that movie didn't really give many reasons for anyone to want to try to figure it out.

  6. The ending of Saint Maud wasn't that confusing. In her own twisted mind she became an angel and the people kneeled before her while in reality she served herself up flambé. If the ending made you go, "what?" than you didn't pay attention the rest of the film.

  7. Krampus – There's an alternate theory that the snowglobe is just Krampus's way of keeping tabs on the family to make sure that they behave.

    Drag Me to Hell – I never for a second thought that Christine was going to live. Why? Because that's not how horror movies work any more. The villain ALWAYS comes back in the end. What started as a twist has now become so obligatory that NOBODY is surprised by it anymore. And while the 'villain' didn't technically come back in this film, they won in the end, which still counts.

  8. This isn't a horror movie, but a movie I just watched that definitely had an ending that left me staring at the screen in shock while the credits were rolling was Nightmare Alley. Came out in 2021 with Bradley Cooper. Great movie. Incredible ending. Despite the name, it's not really a horror movie.

  9. I never thought the Shining’s ending was that confusing. The hotel essentially takes Jack Torrance’s soul, and just like Lloyd, the previous caretaker who also butchered his family, he becomes a permanent fixture in the haunted hotel’s history. I know Stephen King wasn’t crazy about Kubrick’s adaptation, but I personally felt like the films ending was much more eerie than the book’s. Just my opinion, though.

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