1. Love Yoo Ah In! So glad he’s back! Parasite was crazy good so had to watch Okja, Mother and Memories of Murder, also directed by Bong Joon-ho. Train to Busan…..Gong Yoo is the ultimate dad!

  2. I’m Asian living in the US and watched movies/shows from both countries. Each has their own way of telling stories through their unique cultures. One does not trump the other but to say Hollywood is trash is pushing it. Some of the best Korean works out there wouldn’t even come close to American Classics like The Godfather, Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, To Kill a Mockingbird, to name a few. These movies have shaped cinemas to what you see on the screen to this day.

  3. The titles in this video + comment section + the following as well 😀

    Vengeance Trilogy
    My Wife is a Gangster
    Sex is Zero 1 & 2
    100 Days With Mr. Arrogant
    Love So Divine
    A Tale of Two Sisters
    A Moment To Remember
    My Little Bride
    il Mare
    My Girl and I
    My Brilliant Life
    A Bittersweet Life
    Architecture 101
    Age of Shadows
    April Snow
    The Chaser
    Fabricated City
    The Thieves
    The Good, The Bad, The Weird
    Taza: The Hidden Card
    The Great Battle
    Miracle In Cell No.7
    The Host
    200 Pounds Beauty
    The Outlaws
    A Werewolf Boy
    The Villainess

  4. Korean movies are 100% more creative and original 

    Hollywood doesn’t create art, they don’t create cinema, they make “blockbuster movies”. 

    Too much money for huge effects and beautiful visuals but little emotion, which doesn’t make people feel, think or challenged

  5. I live in the USA, and only recently discovered Korean films and will say in my opinion, they are often much better than the Hollywood films. I don't like violence at all, so that is my only complaint about Korean films, there is a lot of bloody violence. Otherwise, the stories and acting and overall production is very outstanding. Eventually, the customers will prevail and Korean films may outsell and outshine the Hollywood films.

  6. Horrible list.. there's some good names but having Seoul Vibe? Carter?? Who made this list needs to see more Korean Cinema. Oldboy, Sunny, Oasis, A Taxi Driver, Joint Security Area, Hope, 3-Iron, the list goes on

  7. Y'all pretend as if Hollywood is the other name for "Best Movies" or something LMAOO
    NEWSFLASH : The Best of movies can come from ANYWHERE.
    Hollywood just has a lotta spotlight on them.
    Doesn't mean they have the best movies.

  8. American romance movies r the worst, it would inevitably feature a male or a female whom had had at least 40 one night stands n boy/gal friends n now looking for the ONE. Their romantic comedies r about sleazy n promiscuous people, yuck! Definnitely Thrashhhh

  9. I don't really agree with this title. I really like Korean movies, but if you make a comparison, it will be better without badmouthing other things.

    Maybe you can make a title like, Korean Movies which is no less good than Hollywood

  10. I really like movies like Soeul Vibes, but this one didn't match my expectations unfortunately. Midnight I didin't like at all. Really not well made imo. But Swing Kids holds a place in my heart, I love this movie so much
    Not on the lits, but I'd mention I saw the devil and Memoir of a murderer: great thrillers

  11. Wow I get it Hollywood can step their game up! That being most learned from Hollywood how to make movies! So give credit where credit is due! A lot of shows have aspects that were show cased by Hollywood first! It’s in bad taste to throw shade on people that taught you! Just like hip hop you want rap but not give credit to who learnt it from and actually treat people who started it bad in Korea! So before you go criticize look if your house is clean first 🤦🏾‍♀️

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