1. I was sexually abused as a child and raped as a teenager I'm going to tell you the cure Jesus he is the cure he will take all the pain away and replace all that anger with love and you will eventually forgive the one who did it to you God bless to everyone reading this

  2. I was sexually abused when I was 6 until I was 8. My dad died when I was just 3. I wish I had a father that could protect me.some kids in today's generation seem to be careless. They don't listen to their parents. They get annoyed being scolded. I wish there's a father that could give punishments when I did something bad. Someone who corrects me when I'm wrong. But I don't have. I couldn't even protect myself. 😔 I was just 6.

  3. ان الاسرائيليين جميلات ولاكن لابد ان ترجع فلسطين وانهم مجرد قوميات من انحاء العالم ولست دوله كما يزعمون

  4. What language is this and what country?

    This is an excellent movie. It has three very deep messages. The self-hatred and search for punishment for things beyond your own control; the inevitable awakening to the truth; and the strange way that all things are connected to each other.

    It's funny how that truth reveals itself in the most peculiar ways. A lot of lives are usually injured and destroyed before that truth is acknowledged.

    In the end the father and daughter face their demons.

  5. I think both the parents were wrong in their job as a parent , father being very dominant using punishments , which caused her to be like this and also her mother being too submissive that she also never said anything to her father or tried to talk to her daughter because of which she was becoming spoilt to some extent ( her mother's accident scene for reference ) , her mother told her that she will take the car but her mother being the submissive one didn't argue with her

  6. Empecé a ver la película y no pude soportar la actividad del padre. Entiendo que quiera proteger a su hija, pero para algo existe el diálogo.

  7. There are several ways of getting rid of guilt. Everyone chooses one's own way to recover from it. It could be an act involving others into sin or a life filled in with good deeds. The choice depends on one's innate sense of morality…

  8. Jésus leur dit encore : En vérité en vérité,je vous le dis,je suis la porte des brebis. Tous ceux qui sont venus avant moi sont des voleurs et des brigands ; mais les brebis ne les ont point écouté. Je suis la porte. Si quelqu'un entre par moi,il sera sauvé ; il entrera et il sortira,et il trouvera des paturages. Le voleur ne vient que pour dérober,égorger et détruire ; moi,je suis venu afin que les brebis aient la vie,et qu'elles l'aient en abondance.Jean10:7-10

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